Frequently Asked Questions

How is Lincoln Leadership Institute addressing the COVID-19 pandemic?

We believe the best leaders are able to evolve, adapt, and turn challenges into exciting opportunities. They not only survive times like these—they thrive.

While our team is following all Centers for Disease Control & Prevention health and safety guidelines, including social distancing, wearing face masks, and not participating in sessions when ill, our sessions are helping leaders to tackle the new challenges that COVID-19 provides with compassionate leadership skills.

To maintain social distance and connect remotely from all over the country, we are offering a live broadcast option of our Gettysburg session. Through the lens of an Emmy award-winning television production crew, stunning case studies highlight leadership lessons of the past and bring them to life in the present. Iconic historical sites serve as classrooms as we guide your organization on a journey to success. You’ll learn to drive change within your organization, lead your team toward shared goals, exceed customer expectations, and communicate effectively.

Do I need to make a hotel reservation when attending an open enrollment program?

No, you do not. Our all-inclusive accommodation package includes two hotel nights at the property where we will be based.

I am arriving a day early. Where should I stay?

We will be happy to arrange for hotel rooms for early arrivals or late departures. Please let us know the dates that you will need an extra room night. You will be responsible for payment for extra nights.

What is the suggested dress for programs?

We encourage you to dress casually as we will be on the battlefield several times. Jeans, shorts, boots, sneakers are all appropriate. Please dress for the weather and include rain gear or good outerwear as we do go to the battlefield rain or shine. We strongly encourage good footwear as the battlefield can be muddy at times.

What is the best airport to fly into?

We suggest flying into either Baltimore Washington International or Dulles. Both are about 1.5 hours from Gettysburg depending upon traffic. Harrisburg is another option and is about 45 minutes from Gettysburg, but flights are somewhat more limited there.

Is there pre-work before attending a program?

Yes, we will send you a pre-session package about 30 days before your arrival in Gettysburg. It will have registration information as well as our pre-read, The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara.

I have special dietary needs. Can you accommodate me?

Please convey any special needs (dietary or otherwise) to our staff via your registration form. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

What if I don’t like history?

While our programs use history, they are truly leadership programs first and foremost. Our sessions focus not on the minutiae of the individual historical events but rather on the larger leadership challenges faced by the leaders and how those challenges offer insight for today’s leaders.

Do you offer any educational credits for your courses?

We do have an arrangement with Purdue University in which you can earn either undergraduate or graduate credits (that are transferable to other institutions). Please contact for more information.

How do the different Journeys work together?

Each of the Journeys programs follows a roughly similar presentation format while offering completely different leadership takeaways. They are designed to complement each other but do not need to be taken in any particular order.

What if I have done another Gettysburg-based program?

The Battle of Gettysburg was such a huge, real-world event that there are dozens, even hundreds of different potential case studies. If you have done another Gettysburg program that is fine, some of the history may overlap but the leadership focus will assuredly be different and offer you a new set of insights.

Is it better to come alone or with my team?

One of the benefits of coming with a team is that you develop a common leadership language that can be brought back to the office. The debrief/application discussions will also be a bit more targeted. On the other hand, those who attend one of our open enrollment sessions as an individual have the benefit of participating in leadership discussions that transcend a single organization.

What level should I be? Who should attend?

The metaphors we introduce are effective for supervisors or individual contributors, so we welcome attendees at any level.

What is the instructional format?

Each case study begins by introducing a fundamental yet crucial leadership concept. We then bring the concept alive first through motion picture, then by standing on the battlefield and emotionally feeling the impact of those decisions, good and bad. Returning to the seminar room we reflect upon what we have just experienced. We are not sure that leadership can be taught, but we do believe it can be learned, but only if we reflect upon our experiences. Lastly, and most importantly, during an extended debrief we ask participants to apply the metaphor and the leadership lessons to their own daily work and personal life.

Is there any ROI information available?

Yes! A 2013 curriculum review of several hundred members of the Inspectors General community who previously attended a Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg program revealed that every graduate and supervisor stated that they:

  • Felt the program significantly improved the graduate’s vision.
  • Felt the program had a positive effect on the graduate’s performance.
  • Would recommend the program.