High Impact Negotiations

The ability to negotiate effectively is a key to professional and personal success. Good negotiators get what they want—more quickly, more easily, and, most importantly, more often. Each and every employee is a negotiator. Whether we’re making a presentation, closing a contract, leading a department, asking (or being asked) for a raise, buying a car, establishing performance criteria, setting a schedule, or correcting a co-worker, we’re constantly negotiating.

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Participants in this customized full or half-day session will gain:

  • New negotiation skills, strategies and tactics used by today’s most effective negotiators—including problem analysis, communicative and persuasive abilities, decision making and relationship orientation.
  • The knowledge of how to overcome a natural reluctance to bargain.
  • The ability to deal with opponents who intimidate or harass you.
  • The ability to get more—while expending fewer corporate resources.