High Impact Negotiations

This session is available virtually due to COVID-19.

The ability to negotiate effectively is a key to professional and personal success. Good negotiators get what they want—more quickly, more easily, and, most importantly, more often. Each and every employee is a negotiator. Whether we’re making a presentation, closing a contract, leading a department, asking (or being asked) for a raise, buying a car, establishing performance criteria, setting a schedule, or correcting a co-worker, we’re constantly negotiating.

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This virtual session focuses on the interpersonal side of negotiations. A few of the strategies we use include the practice of never saying “yes” or “no” but rather “yes… if” and the importance of constantly being aware of our ego and the role it plays in the negotiation. This session begins with an overview of seven critical principles of successful negotiation. A simulation unlike any you have experienced before provides an opportunity to practice these strategies. Finally, we’ll consider the application of these principles to our own lives and organizations.