The Alamo

Why do we Remember the Alamo? More importantly, what can we learn from the siege of the Alamo and how it has been remembered over the years that can help us become better leaders today?

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We begin by examining the defenders of the Alamo and what we can learn about forming and maintaining high performing teams from this ensemble of characters. Our second case study introduces a simple yet highly effective four-step process to encourage creative thinking in an organization – a model we then apply to the Alamo to ask what either side may have done to bring about better results. Finally, we look at how the Alamo story has been depicted in art and movies over the past 180 years to uncover the critical elements in creating an effective story for our organizations and products.

Set in beautiful San Antonio, A Transformational Journey from the Alamo also includes walking tours of the Alamo compound, after-hours access to the historic site, and time to enjoy the city’s legendary Riverwalk while strengthening your own team’s bonds.