Live Broadcast

To meet the challenge of continuing to help organizations develop their people, strengthen their engagement, and increase their productivity during the coronavirus pandemic, the Lincoln Leadership Institute is offering a live broadcast option for its signature program at Gettysburg.

This program is not a pre-taped webinar, but a live training session where our renowned faculty – consisting of award-winning historians, retired generals and admirals, former Navy SEAL commanders, emergency managers, experienced executives, entrepreneurs, and other thought leaders – interact with participants and engage in the same types of discussions we have in person.

In our on-site programs we follow a four-step method of introducing a fundamental yet powerful leadership concept, bringing it alive through motion picture and then with a trip to the battlefields, returning to the seminar room to reflect upon what participants have seen and what it means, and finally, breaking into small groups to think about the application of the metaphor to participants’ daily work and lives.

The live broadcast option follows these same steps as our in-person sessions, with the adaptation that our world-class guides and scholars talk through the battle action using a combination of images and maps from the time, modern photos, and videos of the actual battlegrounds. Apart from that change, participants will have the same introductory material, application, and reflection pieces they would get at one of our in-person Journey events. Our legendary debriefs are conducted in small groups using breakout rooms via learning management software, preserving the combination of whole and small group discussion our participants have found so valuable.

Now, more than ever, we need strong leaders like you to navigate organizations among the pandemic. Learn more about how our leadership sessions will help you lead through and beyond COVID-19.

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