"We will spend our entire training budget with The Lincoln Leadership Institute for the fourth year in a row! Enough said!" –Gannett


What do some of the most influential leadership organizations in the world have in common? When it comes to developing leaders at all levels of their organizations, they turn to The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg and our unique “Transformational Journey” experiences. We provide:

Unique programming:

The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg offerings are not history courses or courses in military strategy. Rather they focus on leadership—your leadership and the leaders you are developing within your organization. Offerings from The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg are the ultimate in blended learning. We use the battlefield as a classroom, history as a metaphor, storytelling, and multimedia presentations to provide insight to historical characters. We engage in provocative conversations designed to heighten creative thinking and thinking outside the box, enlightening discussions and proactive reflection.

Customizable solutions:

Members of our team will collaborate with you and your organization to select, customize and tailor the right combination of the offerings to guarantee the maximum return on your investment.


Our programs stay alive in the minds of participants and in the organizational culture to ensure return on your investment for the following reasons: Through the unique and creative use of historical metaphor and an examination of the lives of historic characters we develop “bookmarks” in the minds of participants.

We use a leadership model that is easily implemented across all levels of an organization. The concepts from our model can be practiced right away, which immediately reinforces all strategies. Finally, participants learn emotionally as well as intellectually by connecting on a personal level with the characters we examine. When we learn emotionally, the insights stay with us forever!

With 70% of U.S. employees saying that they are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work (which can speak volumes about the quality of customer service) with the number one reason being the quality of their leadership, “our sessions” are one that everyone needs to experience.

Other Offerings

A Transformational Journey from Pearl Harbor

Focusing on organizational alignment, A Transformational Journey from Pearl Harbor examines the events of December 7, 1941 during World War II from both the American and Japanese perspectives. Participants will visit the USS Arizona Memorial as they consider their own crisis leadership in the midst of adversity and organizational alignment. Next, participants will reflect on the famous Doolittle Raid in a case study of resource allocation. Plus, participants will get a memorable experience as they learn how to effectively recognize and seize opportunities.
Discover keys to organizational alignment and effectiveness.

A Transformational Journey from The Alamo

With the siege of the Alamo offering a thought-provoking leadership development experience, A Transformational Journey from the Alamo delivers intriguing case studies. Along the way, we introduce participants to historical figures such as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. We explore case studies focusing on concepts that include non-linear thinking, building and maintaining high performance teams, corporate branding and more. Our headquarters for this transformational journey is the historic Menger Hotel, located steps away from the Alamo in San Antonio.
An unforgettable leadership development experience awaits your team.