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Why Gettysburg?

Never before in the history of our nation was there a conflict that required the superior leadership that the American Civil War did. It was an event that presented leadership challenges on a scale never experienced before in America.

Individuals were forced to act in a rapidly changing, stressful environment with limited information and limited resources. Something akin to today’s business world.

In 1863 at Gettysburg, two massive organizations—the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia were creeping closer to each other but not quite touching. Ironically the larger, better resourced, better equipped, better trained organization was consistently losing. The smaller, less resourced, less equipped, less trained organization was consistently winning.

Why? Because of leadership. It was here in Gettysburg that the leadership edge of the Civil War shifted.

As a result, we at The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg have developed several offerings that present “pure plays” in leadership that provide insight to timeless leadership issues — issues that were present in 1863 with President Abraham Lincoln, and issues that are relevant to your organization today. These sessions provide metaphors in which history comes alive for us and we examine the leadership shift that occurred during the Battle of Gettysburg and its history-altering result.

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