"We can't get enough of Steve Wiley!" –ExxonMobil

Return on Investment


With any combination of programs focusing on transformational leadership, Steven B. Wiley makes the following guarantee:

If our programs do not receive the highest ratings possible, using whatever measurement you choose, and your investment on transformational leadership does not yield returns of at least ten times the value, we will refund your money—no questions asked. Begin your journey today.


“I wanted to share with you the impact last September's Transformational Journey had not only on the fiber of my management team but also in the tangible results we are producing for Pfizer. Since June of this year, we have been number one in the region. I started my journey with this team in the summer of 2000. Since then we have worked on many things to make us better leaders. The time we spent with your team last September was the most valuable and impactful session we have had. I do not believe that it is coincidence that we started to deliver superior results immediately upon our departure. That session still forms the basis of our ongoing conversations today. I cannot foresee a time when it will not form the core of our belief system.”

-Regional Manager, Pfizer

“We have sent our representatives to virtually every corporate retreat out there. Steve Wiley’s Journey from Gettysburg is the best and most comprehensive performance training that we’ve ever invested in. We have already reaped benefits from this investment many times over.”

-Vice President, Training & Recruiting, Black & Decker

“Thanks so much for conducting the most wonderful symposium I have ever attended! The topics were outstanding and I felt energized and rejuvenated after leaving. I can only say that you made a difference in my life.”

–U.S. Fuels Service Culture Manager, ExxonMobil

“The session was simply one of the most powerful events I have ever attended in my 38 years with Pfizer. It has already had an immense impact on both my personal and professional life. I would strongly recommend to any organization that they send as many leaders as possible.”

-Director of State Government Relations, Pfizer

“I’ve been at Novartis for 15+ years. Most “training” programs had a catchy title but were lacking in content (and usually a mental drain). This program has been the best. I would highly recommend ALL of Novartis to participate.”

-Senior Sales Associate, Novartis

“I’ve been in sales management and sales positions for well over 20 years. In that time I’ve participated in countless programs. This was by far the most powerful, moving and intellectually stimulating event I have attended. I will be very committed to applying the lessons learned in the field when I return.”

-Senior Sales Associate, Novartis

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