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Negotiation Skills

Session at a Glance

  • half- or full- day session
  • customized to your industry
  • guaranteed ROI

High-Performance Negotiating: From the Battlefield to the Boardroom

The ability to negotiate effectively is key to professional and personal success. Strong negotiators get what they want more quickly, more easily, and most importantly – more often. Every person is a negotiator. Whether making a sales presentation, closing a contract, leading a sales region, handling compensation, buying a car, or establishing performance criteria, a person is negotiating. The lack of solid negotiation skills can quickly lead to a significant reduction in effectiveness as well as an increase in unnecessary costs or cost avoidance. And it is no accident that good negotiators are consistently more successful in their professional and personal lives. They give themselves (and their employers) a real advantage in today’s work environment.

Participants rate this session among the best ever – leaving each event with:

  • New negotiation skills, strategies and tactics used by today’s most effective negotiators—including problem analysis, communicative and persuasive abilities, decision making and relationship orientation.
  • The knowledge of how to overcome a natural reluctance to bargain.
  • The ability to deal with opponents who intimidate or harass you.
  • The ability to get more—while expending fewer corporate resources.

Every attendee will achieve performance-enhanced, negotiations skills results through several proven instructional techniques:

  • Lecture-style enterTRAINment
  • One-on-one role plays
  • Group role plays
  • Customized skill exercises
  • Summary of key concepts

Through written words, visual cues and audio stimulation, these proven methods are considered to be the ideal way to achieve superior, behavior-enhanced results.

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